Carbon Monoxide: 12 facts you should know

It can also happen at home. This can happen to you in the car. Please read the two following stories in order to fully understand just how dangerous this gas can be. You can get the best CO2 meter in this sites.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), statistics indicate that 400 Americans die every year from unintentional poisoning by carbon monoxide.

This is another tale. As I wrote this article two days earlier, an American father and son were killed by carbon monoxide in Sweetwater County. This happened when they ran a propane heater overnight in an outdoor ice-fishing hut.

The two examples above show the danger of this gas. To be able control the danger of this gas, it is important to understand its nature.

These are twelve facts you should know about carbon monoxide. All of these facts are important. Transfer the information on to all your family members.

Carbon monoxide is produced by incomplete burning carbon-containing fuels such as gasoline and kerosene.
This can be produced in the home by gas stoves, lawnmowers, fireplaces and water heaters. You can generate it from your automobile.
It is important to have good air ventilation when using these appliances. It will reduce the CO generated to a level that is much safer. CO can build-up in the air if your ventilation system is not working properly.
CO is poison gas. When you breathe in CO, oxygen will be replaced in your blood. You can die within minutes.
CO has a deadly effect because it’s tasteless, colorless and odorless.
CO can be detected only by CO detectors. Your senses will not be able detect it.
A CO detector will provide the most effective home security for poisoning prevention. The system gains more power when you integrate each device in your house.
CO poisoning is almost the same as flu. Both are very similar.
CO exposure and CO concentration can cause symptoms to be more severe.
First signs include fatigue, headaches, nausea, and shortness in breath.
The gas is slightly lighter in pure form than the air. To escape this gas, you must descend stairs.
The production of carbon monoxide will forever be linked to fire.

You should read them several times. Make sure that you have read and understood all the facts. Do not forget your entire family.

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